Kitchen renovations for a growing family

While the kitchen renovation that you did as a couple might still look great, as you get more kids you might suddenly find that your kitchen is no longer working as well with a larger family.

Here are some of the aspects that help make a kitchen family friendly.

Space for larger fridges

When you are a couple you can make do with a smaller fridges, but as your kids get bigger and you start to shop weekly and for large amounts you may like to have a larger fridge and freezer. Think about allocating one of the bottom fridge shelf as a help yourself snack area, filled with fruits and veegtables, so that the kids can grab food for snacks between meals. It stops parents needing to act as servers all day long!

Time for a dishwasher

As demands on your time grow, a dishwasher with a large capacity that can be loaded by the kids can be a good way to share out some of the work. As the kids get older they can also be tasked with unloading the dishwasher and may suddenly become more observant of the amount of dishes they generate when they are responsible for cleaning them up!

Commercial scale coffee machine

Most parents run on copious amounts of coffee. Fancy coffee dates and relaxed morning visits to your local independent coffee shop may become less common but you can still brew delicious coffee in your home with a commercial scale coffee machine. They are becoming much affordable as they become much more common in homes around Australia.

Curved benchtops and drawers

As you have an exploring toddler you suddenly realise how much of the kitchen is at the height of their soft little heads. In addition to normal babyproofing locks and latches, look to get some rounded edges on the drawers and benchtops so trip and spills are less likely to result in huge gashes to the head area.

Breakfast bars

As you entertain less, and less formally you may find your dining room taken over as a nursery or a playroom. Move some more seating into the kitchen for a cosy space to share a drink by evening, which can easily cater for a bowl of cereal the next morning.

Enjoy the time with your family, with the kitchen at the heart of your home. For more information, check out companies such as Cavallo Kitchens.