Choosing the Best Ice Maker

Ice makers are a great help in those summer moments when you need to keep your drinks frosty whether you are out camping, travelling or partying in your back yard. If you own a food serving business, then an icing machine should be ranking high on your most important assets. So how does someone pick the right machine from the variety of styles available? What do you consider to get the best ice maker for your needs? Here are some tips to help you out with that.

Amount of ice

How much ice you need determines the size of the machine you require. If you are planning a small party for instance, then you need to have a sizable ice machine to cater for those needs. A compact ice maker can produce up to 35 pounds in a single day, which should be enough for your home needs. However, if you are running a commercial business, then you need a lot more. Remember to also account for high demand peaks, it's better to have ice left than to have limited amounts.

Water cooled or air cooled

To make the choice between a water cooled or air cooled machine, you need to consider your environmental conditions. Air cooled machines use air to lower the temperatures and they are usually the best choice in most cases. However, air cooled ice makers are not suitable for areas experiencing very high air temperatures or in areas where the air is poorly circulated and filled with contaminants. Water cooled machines consume a lot of water, and they have even been illegalised in some areas because of this. So check your local laws before purchasing these ice makers.

How it is to be used

This is mainly to determine if you are going to need a portable icemaker or a built in one. If you mainly need the ice for social events, then you'll benefit more from a portable ice maker. They are light and produce enough ice to cater for any social event such as a club house party or church social. However, if you own a home bar or you are planning a trip with your RV, then get a built in ice maker. These ones can be installed perfectly in the RV or under the counter. You won't be able to easily move around with them but they'll keep your icy needs taken care of.

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