LED Headlight Replacement FAQs

The use of LED headlights is common practice in the manufacture of a large number of modern vehicle models. Just like other vehicle components, LED headlights are bound to suffer damage at one point or the other, thereby creating the need for headlight replacement.

Due to the important role played by the headlights in an automobile, it is important for affected vehicle owners to have as much information as possible about LED headlight replacement so that they're in a position to make the best choice of replacement headlights. This article provides answers to a few commonly asked questions about the replacement of LED headlights.

How are H4 LED Headlights Different From H7 Headlights?

Before making payments for an LED replacement headlight, it is important for a vehicle owner to know the kind of headlight used on the particular vehicle model.

H4 and H7 LED headlights are among the most commonly used on automobiles and motorcycles. The two types of headlights are different in a number of ways. For one, H4 LED headlight bulbs are manufactured with two filaments while H7 headlight bulbs feature only one filament. Consequently, H4 LED headlights allow a motorist to choose between a high or low-beam light, depending on the driving conditions provided by the terrain.

The two types of LED headlights are also different in the sense that H4 headlights are used with a three-pronged bulb socket while their H7 counterparts are attached to two-pronged plugs. It is important for motorists looking to replace their LED headlights to ensure that they choose the right type of headlight in relation to the configuration of the vehicle.

What are Aftermarket LED Headlights?

Aftermarket LED headlights are those fabricated by third party entities and different from the vehicle manufacturer.  Headlights fabricated by a vehicle manufacturer are referred to as Original Equipment (OE) headlights.

In a large number of jurisdictions, the use of aftermarket LED headlights is frowned upon by the law. This is because aftermarket headlights often don't comply with the minimum standards set out dictated by the Australian Design Rules that regulate the use of LED headlights on automobiles.

What Other Legal Considerations Need to be Made When Replacing LED Headlights?

Apart from the idea that aftermarket headlights are often not approved for use on Australian roads, there are legal limitations with regard to the colours used on LED headlight bulbs. Certain coloured LED headlight bulbs (e.g. certain variations of blue) are not permitted for road use. This is because the use of these colours on led headlights is obstructive to other motorists. Affected vehicle owners should therefore check with the authorities before they choose coloured LED headlight bulbs for replacement purposes.

If you have any other questions about headlight replacements, consider contacting a local specialist, such as Creative Lighting Solutions Aust Pty Ltd, to discuss your concerns.